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Zoe Saldana Community

Everything Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana
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Everything Zoe Saldana

Everything Zoe Saldana
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ZoeCommunity is dedicated to the talented US-American actress Zoe Saldana. At this community you can find the latest news, pictures, articles, interviews, videos, graphics and more concerning Zoe and her movies. As this is a community for fans by fans, the members can contribute pictures, graphics (such as icons, wallpaper and blends) and information to anything Zoe-related.
~ Feel free to join!
~ If you have any question, please contact the maintainer.
Zoe Saldana is an US-American actress, mostly known for starring in movies such as Star Trek, Pirates of the Carribean, Guess Who, Crossroads and Center Stage. She was born on June 19, 1978 in New Jersey and raised in Queens, New York. After the death of her father due to a car accident when she was nine, her mother moved with her and her sister to the Dominican Republic for 7 years where she studied ballet. Back in the United States, she enrolled in an acting course and made her first screen experience in an episode of Law & Order in 1999. In 2000, she left school after her major film debut, Center Stage. Many movies fallowed.• All posts have to be related to Zoe Saldana or movie projects she is/was involved in.
• Please post only one picture outside of a LJ-cut. Exceptions are previews of various picture posts and icon posts. For icon posts, please post at least one Zoe-icon as a preview outside of a LJ-cut and only 3 previews (outside the cut) per post.
• Please post only pictures outside of an LJ-cut smaller than 500x500 pixels.
• Please post large articles behind a LJ-cut (with a preview outside of the LJ-cut).
• Please make sure your post has a title.
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